Binder FAQ

Much anticipated... Here is the updated FAQ for the KAD Binders! If you do not see the answer to your question here, please feel free to send an email.

Last Updated: August 12, 2016

Q: What is a KAD Binder?
A: The KAD Binder was developed to be a functional, customizable sticker binder complete with kits that are sold separately to create the ultimate sticker organization system to make planning EASY and FUN, all while allowing YOU to choose what you get, giving you the ultimate “sticker peace.”

Q: What is so special about a KAD Binder? Why is it so expensive?
A: All pages that you purchase with the KAD Binder have been sized and punched to fit perfectly in the high-quality binder so you can easily store them and use when planning, while giving you something functional to travel with when planning on the go.

The cost of the binder is what you make it – you only pay what you choose to pay when adding different functional kits to your cart. There is a minimum purchase in order to receive the personalized binder and cover, but this is because the binder is included in the cost of the sticker sheets purchased (a $16-17 value!).

Not only do you get a discount on most kits that have already been bundled, the binder is included with your purchase. In addition to the included cost of the binder and the already-discounted sticker kits, you will also receive two EXCLUSIVE sampler sheets that aren’t available for individual purchase.

What is so special about the binder itself? We went through several different binder brands to find a style and brand that is of the highest quality to match our high-quality standards for stickers. We want you to have the best of the best, and that’s why our binders are so special!

Q: When will the binders be available again? Why are they out of stock on the site?
A: Due to the extreme love and attention to detail that goes into the processing of each binder, they are currently only available during specific release dates. These dates are announced ahead of time here in the Facebook group, on Instagram (@krissyannedesigns) and on website.

Q: I can't purchase during the next sale. Will I be able to purchase a binder in the future?
A: We do not anticipate removing binders from our line of products any time soon, and as such, we will continue to offer pre-announced releases at regular intervals, so you will be able to get one in the future!

Q: How much does the binder cost?
A: The cost of your binder depends entirely on what kits you purchase to be punched for your binder. Binder kits range in price from $20 to $100.

In order to receive a personalized binder with your purchase, there is a minimum purchase required of $100, which also includes two additional EXCLUSIVE sampler sheets.

Q: What size is the Signature KAD Binder? Will my other sticker sheets fit inside?
A: Our Signature KAD Binders are what we like to call “travel” size. They measure approximately 9” wide by 7” tall, and can hold a maximum of 42 sticker sheets. This binder is the equivalent of a typical mini binder, however it is slightly wider, so some of our sticker sheets may not fit in other brands of binders since they were sized specifically for this binder.

Single sheets that are available on the website are slightly smaller than our punched binder sheets, but only in width. Your single sheets will still fit in your travel binder, but are not punched.

Q: I can't afford a binder but I would love to get stickers. Can I purchase kits on their own?
A: YES! There is no minimum purchase for the kits unless you want to purchase a binder. You will not receive the exclusive sampler sheets unless you meet the minimum purchase.

Q: If I purchase kits only and don't get a binder, can I receive them unpunched?
A: I’m sorry, at this time, we are unable to offer both punched and unpunched sheets at the same time. If you order binder kits, they will be punched for our Signature KAD Binders.

If you would like to purchase unpunched sheets, all stickers included in kits are available on their own in the shop. If you don’t see your favorite sheet(s) in the shop yet, be sure to check the coming soon section as they will be there soon!

Q: How does the pre-sale of binders work? Are the binders ready to ship?
A: Due to order volume and the time it takes to prepare your personalized binder cover, binders are made to order after purchase.

There are many different cover designs to choose from, which you can find by clicking on the “Binders” section of the site. In order to receive a binder, you will need to purchase a minimum of $100 in stickers to fill the binder (however, kits can be purchased separately if you would like and there is no minimum purchase if you are not interested in a binder at this time).

The *ONLY* stickers that come with the binder itself are the two EXCLUSIVE sampler sheets. You will need to purchase sticker kits with your binder in order to reach the minimum amount. These stickers can be found under the “Binder Stickers” category on the site.

To place your order, first add your desired binder to your cart. Do not be alarmed at the price – this amount will drop to $0 once the minimum order amount has been added to your cart. When adding your design to your cart, please add your personalization exactly as you would like it to appear on your binder. Please note that some fonts are only available in capital or lowercase letters and cannot be changed. If you choose a cover with a monogram, please see the accompanying image for suggestions on how to provide your monogram. If you do not want personalization, please type “blank” in the box.

You will notice that the price of the binder is high ($999) - this is to prevent someone from trying to purchase it without purchasing a full set. If you have the minimum dollar amount worth of kits in your cart, the price of the binder will drop to $0 and will not be included in your purchase. You will not be able to check out unless you have the minimum amount in your cart.

Once you have added all items to your cart, you can check out as normal and will receive an email confirmation shortly after!

Q: I want more than one binder. Can I purchase them together?
A: Because we want to ensure your binder(s) arrive safe and sound, we only allow one binder per order. If you would like to purchase an additional binder, please place a second order. We apologize for any inconvenience.

Q: When will my binder ship?
A: All binders are made-to-order and all orders will ship in the order in which they were received. Due to the volume of orders, it may take up to EIGHT WEEKS for you to receive your shipping notification, however we will do our best to ship your binder as quickly as possible while still maintaining our high level of customer satisfaction and quality control.

Q: What sticker kits are available and how can I see what is included in the kits?
A: The "Coming Soon" images are just placeholders until proper images can be added to the listings. All listings have a list of stickers included in the kit, and many have supplemental images to show all sheets included. If there are no pictures provided, you can use the product code listed in the description to search on the site and find an image.

Q: How many kits will fit in a binder?
A: This is entirely dependent upon which kits you choose. Our Signature KAD Binder has a ½” ring and can fit up to 42 pages (approximately $200 worth of sticker kits). Because the number of sheets varies from kit to kit, there is no definite answer to this question.

Q: Is the binder waterproof?
A: The binder and cover design are water resistant, though we do not recommend leaving them in a puddle for an extended period of time. The stickers inside the binder are also water resistant but should not be left in water or in high humidity areas for an extended period of time.

Q: Is there a limit to how many binders I can purchase?
A: Due to shipping limitations you may only purchase one binder per order, however if you would like to purchase another size, you may place a second order. These orders cannot be combined and will ship separately, so you will pay for shipping more than once. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.

Q: Can I order more than one of the same kit? Will they have limited stock?
A: There are no stock limitations on the kits themselves; you will be able to order as many kits as you want!

Q: I have a coupon code to your site. Can I use it when I purchase my binder?
A: Due to the already-discounted nature of the binders, coupon codes cannot be used when placing your order. Thank you for understanding!

Q: How much is shipping of the binders?
A: Shipping is dependent on where you live and is outlined below. Due to the increased postage rates in early 2016, the shipping costs for binders have changed:

Travel Binders
  • Within the US and military addresses: $10.75
  • To Canada: $18.75
  • All other international locations: $25.00
Full Size Binders
  • Within the US and military addresses: $12.75
  • To Canada: $25.75
  • All other international locations: $35.00
All orders will ship USPS, unless otherwise specified.

INTERNATIONAL CUSTOMERS: Please note that Krissyanne Designs is not responsible for any duties or fees incurred when importing to your country, and your postage cost unfortunately does not cover these fees. Please consult your countries laws and regulations to determine if you will incur a fee on the import of your order.

If the value of your order before shipping is OVER $400, please email prior to purchasing as your order must be shipped via Priority Mail and postage prices will increase. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.

Q: Will you be releasing new sticker kits or is this is? Will you ever offer customization of kits?
A: New kits will be released as time allows. At this point in time, binder kits cannot be customized. That may change in the future.

Q: I don't see the stickers that I want in any of the kits. Can I purchase stickers from the website for them to be put into kits?
A: No. At this time, à la carte binder sheets are not available.

Q: I don't like any of the covers on the site; can I request a custom design?
A: Custom designs are not typically available due to order volume, however please email prior to purchasing if you have any questions.

Q: I have an idea for new kit(s); where can I send that information?
A: I have been working on this for quite some time and have several ideas for future kits down the line, but I would love to hear your ideas! If you have an idea and would like to share, please feel free to send them to my email,

Q: The binders are listed as sold out! When will more be available? Can I bribe you or offer you my first born?!
A: As with the rest of the stock on my site, the binders will come back as my schedule allows. Depending on how the first launch goes, I will plan to have another pre-order sometime after the first round of binders goes out. At this time, I will not be able to take bribes (or children!) in exchange for binders.

Q: I still have questions!! What do I do!?
A: Please feel free to
send an email if you still have any questions.

Thank you!