The Celebrations Collection™ FAQ

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Last Updated: November 23, 2018

Q: What is The Celebrations Collection by Krissyanne Designs?
A: The Celebrations Collection, originally introduced in 2016, is a carefully curated and designed collection of stickers that have been bundled together to provide you with a beautiful variety of Stickers to Celebrate Your Life. The idea is that you will have one collection at your fingertips that includes items that can be used for every celebration you may encounter – whether it be your child’s first day of school, a birthday, or just celebrating the welcoming of a new season. Stickers in this collection are not only designed for planners, but can be used in scrapbooks, cards and more!

Each year, the many designs within the collection are modified to create a fresh look in addition to adding even more stickers that we feel were missed in previous editions.

Q: What is so special about The Celebrations Collection?
A: When we first started brainstorming ideas for our binders in early 2015, one of the original ideas we came up with was to have an entire collection in one place – one that included items that could be used for every celebration in your life. Implementation for something as big as this is difficult and takes quite a bit of time to get just right.

Stickers in this collection are not only designed for planners, but work great in scrapbook pages, on cards and more! The entire collection itself contains over 700 pieces artwork that have been hand-drawn exclusively for this collection. Each piece of artwork was carefully modified, colorized and digitally altered in a variety of ways to bring you something unique and special each and every year. This year, the majority of the collection features all new artwork with a few favorite pieces from past editions thrown in the mix.

These hand-drawn and altered designs are combined with many signature Krissyanne Designs functional stickers you have come to know and love to create a beautiful collection filled with all kinds of stickers to Celebrate Your Life. Each sticker sheet has been carefully thought out to provide you with a number of stickers to help memorialize your celebrations and is punched to fit in our Signature KAD Binders.

We take customer feedback and suggestions to heart and thanks to your feedback, this new edition is even better than ever and we can't wait to get it into your hands!

Q: What exactly is included in this collection? Are all sheets punched? Do I have to buy a binder separately?
A: The Celebrations Collection is a carefully curated collection of 20 sticker sheets designed exclusively for this collection with your celebrations in mind. All sheets are punched and are the same size as our Signature KAD Binder sheets. Sheets include holiday- and celebration-themed stickers as well as calendar stickers to use throughout the year to add a little bit of flair to your calendar pages.

In addition to the 20 sheets in the base kit, you will receive 2 samplers and one signature binder with cover and spine designed exclusively for this collection (a $32 value). These samplers include a variety of functional and decorative stickers that add just a little bit of fun to the already packed base kit.

Q: Is this binder printed on your new repositionable paper?

A: Yes! This year, we've produced our Celebrations Collection with our brand new repositionable paper! Not only does that mean you can easily change your plans if needed, but it also gives you even more bang for your buck!

Q: How much does The Celebrations Collection cost? Why does this collection cost more than your other binders?
A: The base price for The Celebrations Collection is $129 (a $183 value), with several optional add-on sheets available at $5.75 per sheet (a $7.50 value). There are two optional mini add-ons as well available at $4.00 each. Add-on sheets will be added to the website at a future date and will be added to this list when released.

The Celebrations Collection contains over 700 pieces of original artwork that have been hand-drawn exclusively for this collection in collaboration with Cindy Guentert-Baldo. Each design has been meticulously modified, colorized, digitally altered and curated by Krissyanne Designs in a variety of ways with your celebrations in mind. This exclusivity paired with many signature Krissyanne Designs functional and decorative stickers create a beautiful collection you will not be able to find anywhere else.

Q: Can I see the stickers included?
A: Yes! There is a flip-through video at the bottom of this page as well as on the listing page. This flip-through shows photos of all base kit sheets.

Q: Is a binder included in the cost?
A: Yes, The Celebrations Collection binder is included in the cost. The binder included is the same size and style as our Signature KAD Binders with a cover and spine design exclusive to The Celebrations Collection (a $17 value).

Q: Can I choose a different cover for my binder? Can I personalize my cover?
A: No. At this time, the only cover available for The Celebrations Collection is the one designed specifically for this edition of the collection.

Q: Is this year's binder the same as last year's?
A: No. The 2019 edition has a new binder design that complements the changes made to the collection, allowing you to add to your collection without duplicating your stash!

Q: Can I buy sheets from this collection separately?
A: This collection was designed as an extension of our Signature KAD Binder Kits and as such will not be available on a single-sheet basis.

If you would like to purchase the entire collection without the binder to add to a Krissyanne Designs binder you currently own, we will have a Refill Kit available at the time of the sale. The price for The Celebrations Collection Refill Kit will be $115 with the option to include the add-ons as well. The Refill Kit will include all 22 sheets that are in the base kit but will not include the binder.

Q: I don’t need a specific sheet that is included. Can I customize the sheets that come with it?
A: No. Sheets for this collection were designed specifically for this collection and will not be available for customization.

Q: What about the holidays that are missing?
A: We have several optional add-on sheets that we hope you will love to help celebrate your additional holidays, though we hope most holidays you celebrate are included in some way or form in the base kit.
If there is a holiday you would like to see represented in the future, please send us your suggestions! We love to be as inclusive as possible.

Q: What planner are stickers in this collection designed to fit?
A: Stickers in this collection are not designed to fit any specific planner. They are designed to fit not only in planners, but can also be used in scrapbooks, cards and more.

Stickers in this collection are sized to remain consistent with the size and shapes of Krissyanne Designs Stickers that you are used to using.

Q: What size is The Celebrations Collection? Will my other stickers fit inside?
A: The Celebrations Collection is the same size as our Signature KAD Binders. Our Signature KAD Binders are what we like to call “travel” size. They measure approximately 9” wide by 7” tall and can hold a maximum of 42 sticker sheets. This binder is the equivalent of a typical mini binder; however it is slightly wider so our binder-ready sticker sheets may not fit in other binder brands as they were sized specifically for this binder. Your other Krissyanne Designs stickers will fit beautifully in this binder if you would like to combine them.

Q: Are these ready to ship? Are there any stock limitations?
A: Due to the order volume and complexity in preparing your order, all binder orders are made and assembled after your purchase. Because this is a specialty item, there may be times when stock is limited. During the initial release, these will be made on a pre-order basis and as such are limited to the specified pre-order time period.

Q: I want to purchase more than one. Can I purchase them together to save on shipping?
A: Because we want to ensure your binder arrives safe and sound, we only allow one collection per order. If you would like to purchase an additional binder or refill kit, please place a second order.

Q: When will my binder ship?
A: Our current turn around time can be found at the top of most pages on the website and is updated regularly. Due to expected order volume, turnaround times may be increased to up to 4 weeks for pre-orders. Please see the listing for up-to-date information regarding turnaround time.

Q: Is this binder waterproof?
A: The binder and cover design are water resistant, though we do not recommend leaving them in a puddle for an extended period of time. The stickers inside the binder are also water resistant but should not be left in water or in high humidity areas for an extended period of time. The backing on stickers may be damaged if it comes in contact with liquids.

Q: I have a coupon code to your site. Can I use it when I purchase my binder?
A: Due to the already-discounted nature of this collection, coupon codes cannot be used when placing your order. Thank you for understanding!

Q: How much is the shipping?
A: Shipping is dependent on where you live and is outlined below. Due to the increased postage rates in early 2018, the shipping costs for binders are as follows:
  • Within the US and military addresses: $10.75
  • To Canada: $18.75
  • All other international locations: $25.00
All orders will ship USPS, unless otherwise specified.

INTERNATIONAL CUSTOMERS: Please note that Krissyanne Designs is not responsible for any duties or fees incurred when importing to your country, and your postage cost unfortunately does not cover these fees. Please consult your countries laws and regulations to determine if you will incur a fee on the import of your order.

Q: Will you be releasing new sticker kits for this collection?
A: The intent of this collection is to provide a fully curated set of stickers to help Celebrate Your Life. While this particular edition may not have new sticker sheets added, there may be additional curated collections in the future. Thanks to your feedback, we were able to add several new holidays and celebrations to both the base kit and add-ons for this edition. Additional add-ons may be added to the site throughout the year that coordinate with this collection, as well as other coordinating items.

Q: Do you offer coordinated stickers in the shop to go with individual holidays in this collection?
A: While the stickers in this collection is exclusive for this binder, we do offer beautifully coordinated stickers in the shop that work great for decorating your weeks. If you check out the "Celebrate Your Life" section on our website, all coordinating sticker sheets and kits will come up. We hope you love them!

Q: I have an idea for a new sheet. Where can I send this information?
A: If you have an idea and would like to share, please feel free to send your suggestions via email,

Q: I still have questions!! What do I do!?
A: Please feel free to send an email to if you still have any questions not covered in this FAQ.