General FAQ

Welcome to Krissyanne Designs! Below is a list of Frequently Asked Questions along with their answers. If you do not see the answer to your question here, please feel free to send an email.

Last Updated: August 29, 2015

Everything in your shop is out of stock, when will you be restocking?

If you want to see everything on the site that is currently in stock, please select the "
Stickers" category and everything will appear in order of availability. I do not have any set days or times for restock, but I try to restock at least once per week depending on my current workload and my schedule at work. Everything in my shop is ready to ship, so when I feel I have a good amount of stock and a wide variety of items, I will list them on the site. The best way to be one of the first to know when items are added to the site is to use the "email when back in stock" feature, which not only tells me what to stock for you, but also sends you an email as soon as the stock goes up on the site.

There are times when I will list single items at a time in larger quantities, such as some monthly kits. When I do large stockings of single items like this, I will announce the restocking in the Facebook group to make sure everyone sees it. There are occasions when some items will be available for pre-order. If I plan on doing a pre-order, I will give you at least 24 hour notice ahead of time in the Facebook group so you can prepare.

What is your current turnaround time?

Current turnaround time for all in-stock stickers is 1-2 weeks. This is processing time and does not include transit time, so please keep that in mind when purchasing time-sensitive items.

What does it mean to be a "ready to ship" shop?

This means all items in my sticker shop are already printed and cut and ready to be shipped to you when you place your order. Please keep in mind that while all products are ready to be shipped, that does not mean they will necessarily ship right away. We still have to take into account the time it takes to pull, pack and prepare all orders for shipment, which is why the current turnaround time is approximately 1-2 weeks.

What pens work on your stickers?

This question is asked a lot due to the type of sticker paper, and while I haven't tried all pens out there, I have found that most permanent markers will work nicely on the paper. Pilot Ultra Fine Permanent Markers are my favorite, but others that work are Le Pen Permanent, Sharpie Ultra Fine/Extra Fine Permanent, Staedtler Lumocolor Permanent and Slick Writers. Most of these pens can be found on Amazon or in the drafting section of larger craft stores.

When will you restock ______?

I base all restockings on what is requested using the "email when back in stock" feature on the site. This tells me how many people are requesting what sets and gives me an idea of what sets are the most wanted at any given time. Be sure to add your name to the email list for the item(s) that you want to ensure they get bumped up the list!

When something you were interested does come back in stock, you will receive an email that it is back in stock. If, however, that item goes back out of stock before you had a chance to purchase it, you will need to sign up for emails again for the next time they restock. This is to ensure you don't get spammed in the future if you were able to snag the item(s) you were looking for.

I got an email saying something was back in stock and by the time I got to the website it was gone! What happened?!

There are times when something that is currently out of stock has to be returned to inventory, such as if someone cancels an order. Unfortunately, the system sees even one item added to stock as the item being back in stock, so it sends the alert email. I apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.

Can I combine orders / add on to my order / split shipping for an order?

Generally speaking, due to the volume of orders received and the workflow currently used for pulling, packing and shipping orders, I cannot combine orders. There are times I am able to do so, but if I do, your order will always ship with the most recent order that you've placed, which will delay your first order.

I can generally add one or two items to your order with no problem provided the item(s) you are looking for are *in stock* at the time. Because everything in my shop is ready to ship, I can't add to your order unless it is something that is currently printed, cut and listed in the shop.

Additionally, because of the ready to ship nature of the site, I generally cannot take requests to change colors on items once you have placed your order. Please contact me prior to placing your order if you have a similar request.

To ensure your order is received quickly and accurately, we cannot split shipments at this time. If there is something in your order that you would like to ship more quickly than the other items, please email prior to placing your order and plan to place two separate orders.

I've never ordered KAD stickers before and nothing seems to be in stock. What do you recommend?

If you've never ordered and you would like a good variety of stickers, I strongly recommend purchasing a grab bag, which are almost always available on the site. This will give you a variety of stickers and a good idea of what to expect for future orders.

My package has shipped and has been stuck in the sort facility for several days. Who do I contact to find my package?

Unfortunately, the USPS works in mysterious ways and is hard to predict. Krissyanne Designs is based in a suburb of a very large city, and as such, first class packages sometimes take a little longer to get out of my general hub. You will often see movement of your packages late at night or even not at all until the day it is delivered. This is unfortunately the way USPS works and there isn't much I can do on my end to make it work more efficiently.

You may also notice that one order went through a different sort facility than a previous order. This may seem strange, especially if you live in Houston, TX and your order is being sorted in Oklahoma City, OK. I am not sure how USPS works on the inside, but I do know they have their reasons for everything and are working hard on getting your item(s) to you as quickly as they can.

In the event that your package hasn't shown movement over a long period of time (7 or more business days), please feel free to email me and I will see what I can do.

Do you do custom orders?

All custom orders are on a case by case basis and are completely dependent upon my current KAD workload, my schedule at work, and if the request is something simple or a little more complex. I am always willing to add items to my list of things to work on, though, so if you have an idea or a request, please don't be afraid to send me an email - The worst I can say is no!smile emoticon

I have a question about my order, where is the best place to contact you?

The best place to contact me is always going to be email - Please feel free to email if you have a sticker request, a problem with your order, a general question, or just to say hi. I do check Facebook frequently but I don't see everything and sometimes miss things that are posted on the wall or are messaged if I check them at a time of day when I can't answer right away. Email is the best way to ensure I see your question and am able to answer it properly.

I left you a note on your order, why weren't you able to fulfill my request?

Because of the way orders are processed through the site, I do not see notes on your order until I am actually pulling your items to package. If you have a question regarding your order that you want me to see before your order gets packaged, please send me an email instead so I can answer your question(s).

You have tons of different categories on your site, but nothing is there! When will you add products to those sections??

I hope to add these items to my shop soon, and can't wait to share them with you! Unfortunately, due to current workload, I do not have a date yet when these products will make their appearance on the site. Thank you for your patience!

How do I get on your "preferred customer" list in order to get free products for review?

I do not have a "preferred customer" list and most review products are sent out to customers that I know will provide an honest review. When I launch new products, I choose a few select people to review, and often have a contest for at least one place on that list. Contests are generally posted either on Facebook or on Instagram, and you do not have to be a long-standing customer to win.

As always, there are times when I can provide exceptions to all of these, but unfortunately I cannot handle all requests. With the fluctuating volume of orders as well as my up and down schedule at work, there are times when I feel I can take quick requests or can do something out of the norm, but generally speaking, I have to follow my set of procedures to ensure everything gets to you quickly, with the great quality you have come to expect, and most importantly, correct. Please don't ever hesitate to send me an email, but please understand that while I wish I could, I can't say yes to all requests.
If you have any questions that I didn't answer here, please feel free to ask in the comments or send me an email to Thank you so much for being so amazing and supportive! I love having you here and hope you plan on staying a while.