CLICK HERE for instructions on how to add a FREE binder to your qualifying order.


As you may know, we offer a FREE binder with qualifying $100 purchase. This has been an ongoing promotion since 2016 and we absolutely love this promotion (and we know you do too!). It's definitely not going anywhere.


The global supply chain is currently a hot mess and up until now, we've been pretty lucky. However, our order of custom Signature KAD Binders aren't here yet - they are currently en route to our office but are significantly delayed. The remainder of our order is expected to arrive late July.


We don't want to remove this promotion from our website, so we have done a bit of pivoting. When adding the binder to your cart, you will now have an option for our signature binder size:

1️⃣ SHIP NOW: 1/2" R+H Binder

This is the same binder we use for our Celebrations Collection. It's a great quality binder and fits our sheets perfectly but is not KAD branded and has 1/2" rings.

2️⃣ BACKORDER: 1" Signature KAD Binder

We don't want you to miss out if this is the binder you'd like. If you select this option, your order will be split - all in-stock items will ship within our regular turnaround time and you will receive instructions via email explaining how to claim your FREE binder once they are available again.

Please note: at this time, this does not affect our Mini KAD Binders. These binders will continue to ship with your order(s) if selected when adding to your cart.

CLICK HERE for instructions on how to add a FREE binder to your qualifying order.

🌟 These changes are temporary and will be in effect starting Friday, May 13, 2022. No orders placed prior to that date are affected by this change.

Thank you SO much for your understanding. We appreciate it more than words can explain!